3.25 JaggedArray

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardCOM v2.1

Data storage object for an array of variable length 1D sub-arrays. The jagged array object consists of these two arrays:

  1. An aggregation of all the variable length sub-arrays into a single 1D array.
  2. The offsets into the single 1D array, given by the sum of all the sub-array lengths up to and including the current sub-array.

Often referred to as a "list-of-lists" or "array-of-arrays" construction.

For example to store the following three arrays as a jagged array:

(a b c)

(d e f g)


Elements = (a b c d e f g h)

Cumulative Length = (3 7 8)

Table 3.25-1 Attributes






1D array of cumulative lengths to the end of the current sub-array. Each cumulative length is also equal to the index of the first element of the next sub-array, i.e., the index in the elements array for which the next variable length sub-array begins.



1D array of elements containing the aggregation of individual array data.