5.11 MeasureClass

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For StandardCOM v2.1

Measure class values. The list of standard values is contained in the WITSML enumValues.xml file.

Table 5.11-1 Attributes




absorbed dose


activity of radioactivity


amount of substance


amount of substance per amount of substance


amount of substance per area


amount of substance per time


amount of substance per time per area


amount of substance per volume


angle per length


angle per volume


angular acceleration


angular velocity


api gamma ray


api gravity


api neutron




area per amount of substance


area per area


area per count


area per mass


area per time


area per volume


attenuation per frequency interval




cation exchange capacity


data transfer speed


diffusion coefficient


diffusive time of flight


digital storage




dipole moment


dose equivalent


dynamic viscosity


electric charge


electric charge per area


electric charge per mass


electric charge per volume


electric conductance


electric conductivity


electric current


electric current density


electric field strength


electric potential difference


electric resistance


electric resistance per length


electrical resistivity


electromagnetic moment




energy length per area


energy length per time area temperature


energy per area


energy per length


energy per mass


energy per mass per time


energy per volume




force area


force length per length


force per force


force per length


force per volume




frequency interval


heat capacity


heat flow rate


heat transfer coefficient






isothermal compressibility


kinematic viscosity




length per length


length per mass


length per pressure


length per temperature


length per time


length per volume


light exposure


linear acceleration


linear thermal expansion


logarithmic power ratio


logarithmic power ratio per length




luminous efficacy


luminous flux


luminous intensity


magnetic dipole moment


magnetic field strength


magnetic flux


magnetic flux density


magnetic flux density per length


magnetic permeability


magnetic vector potential




mass length


mass per area


mass per energy


mass per length


mass per mass


mass per time


mass per time per area


mass per time per length


mass per volume


mass per volume per length


mass per volume per pressure


mass per volume per temperature




molar energy


molar heat capacity


molar volume


molecular weight


moment of force


moment of inertia




normalized power


permeability length


permeability rock




plane angle


potential difference per power drop




power per area


power per power


power per volume




pressure per pressure


pressure per time


pressure per volume


pressure squared


pressure squared per force time per area


pressure time per volume


quantity of light




radiant intensity


reciprocal area


reciprocal electric potential difference


reciprocal force


reciprocal length


reciprocal mass


reciprocal mass time


reciprocal pressure


reciprocal time


reciprocal volume




second moment of area


signaling event per time


solid angle


specific heat capacity


temperature interval


temperature interval per length


temperature interval per pressure


temperature interval per time


thermal conductance


thermal conductivity


thermal diffusivity


thermal insulance


thermal resistance


thermodynamic temperature


thermodynamic temperature per thermodynamic temperature




time per length


time per mass


time per time


time per volume


vertical coordinate




volume flow rate per volume flow rate


volume per area


volume per length


volume per mass


volume per pressure


volume per rotation


volume per time


volume per time length


volume per time per area


volume per time per length


volume per time per pressure


volume per time per pressure length


volume per time per time


volume per time per volume


volume per volume


volumetric heat transfer coefficient


volumetric thermal expansion

Table 5.11-2 Associations



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