2.3.2 Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC)

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardCTA v2.1

EPC is an implementation of the Open Packaging Conventions (OPC), a widely used container-file technology that allows multiple types of files to be bundled together into a single package. Built on the widely used ZIP file structure and originally created by Microsoft, OPC is now an open standard supported by these standards organizations:

An EPC file (or package) is a ZIP file, which may be “unzipped” to view its components. When implemented as part of an Energistics standard, the zipping/unzipping is done using the OPC libraries (per the EPC Specification).

However, any software tool that can read a ZIP file can be used to unzip and see the contents of an EPC file (file extension .epc). To open an EPC file with a ZIP tool, do the following: Select the EPC file, right-click with the mouse, and select the command to "Open with", and then choose your ZIP reader tool.

  • For more information on how EPC works, see the Energistics Packaging Conventions Specification.
  • For specific requirements and usage of EPC by individual domain standards, see the individual domain usage guides.