2.3.4 Energy Industry Profile of ISO Metadata Standards

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardCTA v2.1

For data object identification and traceability, Energistics standards uses key metadata, such as when a data object was created and updated and by what software. This and other key metadata are specified according to the Energy Industry Profile (EIP) of ISO 19115-1:2014. This EIP is an open, non-proprietary exchange standard for metadata used to document information resources, and in particular resources referenced to a geographic location, e.g., geospatial datasets and web services, physical resources with associated location, or mapping, interpretation, and modeling datasets.

The EIP is an ISO Conformance Level 1 profile of the widely adopted international standards ISO 19115-1:2014 which provides XML implementation guidance with reference to ISO Technical Specification 19115-3:2016.

The goals of the EIP are to:

  • Realize metadata standards and guidelines that enable stakeholders in the energy industry ("the community") to effectively and efficiently discover, evaluate, and retrieve a diversity of information resources from widely distributed repositories and collections.
  • Support both proprietary data management needs and exchange of data between and within organizations.
  • Leverage existing standards to encourage adoption within the community and integration into the business and exploit existing organizational resources needed for governance and long-term maintenance.

Implementation of the EIP into Energistics data objects is included in the current version of the schemas, for example, as the Citation element on the Abstract data object. For more information, see 4.1 Abstract .