6.2.1 Well-Known Authorities

Topic Version1Published10/20/2016
For StandardEID v4.0

The authority can also be used to identify a well-known “naming system” associated with the identifier that is present in the URI. The intent is to allow for some flexibility and extensibility in this portion of the string. It is expected that vendors, operators, and standards bodies (e.g., Energistics) will agree on well-known naming systems as appropriate. These may be private or public and would be published as appropriate. The list of these naming systems is expected to be relatively short, relatively stable, and easily mapped to generic functionality in software components.

The following names are reserved for use to designate specific well-known authorities and naming systems:


NOTE: API Bulletin D12A - The API Well Number and Standard State and County Numeric Codes Including Offshore Waters. American Petroleum Institute. 1979.







Except for the above, this specification does not include any particular standards or conventions for the actual names of authorities. They are entirely application- and system-defined.