1.4 Resource Set for EPC

Topic Version1Published09/15/2014
For StandardEPC v1.0

Energistics provides the following resources to help understand and implement EPC.



Energistics Packaging Conventions Specification

Rules and guidelines for implementing EPC and a brief overview of OPC, on which EPC is based.

For information about metadata standards used by Energistics, see the following:



Energy Industry Profile of ISO 19115-1 (EIP)

To download this standard, go to:


An open, non-proprietary exchange standard for metadata used to document information resources, and in particular resources referenced to a geographic location, e.g., geospatial datasets and web services, physical resources with associated location, or mapping, interpretation, and modeling datasets.

The EIP is an ISO Conformance Level 1 profile of the widely adopted international standards ISO 19115-1:2014 which provides XML implementation guidance with reference to ISO Technical Specification 19115-3:2016.