3.2.1 Part Naming Conventions and Content Types for EPC

Topic Version1Published09/15/2014
For StandardEPC v1.0

Parts in an EPC package must follow the OPC specification on part names. EPC XML data objects have additional requirements on their names:

  • The name of an EPC XML data object part shall be composed of the object type and the UUID of the object as in: <objectType>_<uuid>.xml. Examples:
  • obj_IJKGridRepresentation_a8f023cf-de55-47ac-bfb1-b81626f47f6c.xml
  • obj_global2dCRS_afd24701-17fc-4e15-8d88-adc537ead8f7.xml.

The object type of an object is defined to be the XSD complexType of the root element of the data object.

Following OPC requirements, each part in the EPC must have a mime content type. The EPC requirement is that, in addition to the object type, the content type of each XML data object contains the name and version of the standard. For a description of the format for the content type, see 3.3 Content Types (as used in EPC).