1.1.3 Resource Set

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1

ETP includes the following resources as part of the standard download, available on the Energistics website: http://www.energistics.org/standards-portfolio/energistics-transfer-protocol.




ETP Specification

(This document.)

Defines content, messages, and behaviors of ETP.

Energistics Identifier Specification

Describes the syntax and semantics of data object identifiers as used within the Energistics family of data-exchange standards.

ETP UML Data Model

The UML data model that developers and architects can explore for better understanding of data objects, definitions, organization, and relationships, in context. Used to generate the Avro schemas and the normative parts of this specification.

Energistics saves the UML model as an XMI file, a format that can be imported by any UML data modeling tool.


Avro schemas as described in this document.

ML-specific implementation specifications.

Each version of each ML domain standard has or will have its own implementation spec that provides any ML-specific details required to use ETP with that ML/data model.