Discovering a Data Object URI Must Return Folder Resources

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1
  • The store must return a folder for each supported child data object type.
  • Well  Wellbore, WellCompletion
  • Wellbore  MudLog, RigUtilization, Trajectory, etc.
Figure Use this as temp title
  • The store must return a folder for each supported decorator object type, e.g.:
  • Activity
  • GraphicalInformation
  • DataAssuranceRecord
  • A URI must specify the child data object type but no UUID.
  • eml://witsml20/Wellbore(uuid)/Log
  • The ContentType must specify the type of child data objects that will be returned when discovering the URI.
  • application/x-witsml+xml;version=2.0;type=Well
  • application/x-eml+xml;version=2.1;type=DataAssuranceRecord
  • Empty folders must be returned.
  • Decorator object type URIs must reference the ML family and version of the object they are associated with.
  • eml://witsml20/Well(uuid_well)/Activity
  • eml://witsml20/Well(uuid_well)/DataAssuranceRecord