Discovering a Child Data Object Type URI Must Return Data Object Resources

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1
  • A data object resource URI must retain the hierarchy used in discovery.
  • eml://witsml20/Well(uuid_well)/Wellbore(uuid_wellbore)/Log(uuid_log)
  • eml://witsml20/Log(uuid_log)/ChannelSet(uuid_channelSet)
  • A decorator object URI must reference the ML family and version of the data object it is associated with.
  • eml://witsml20/Well(uuid_well)/Activity(uuid_activity)
  • eml://witsml20/Well(uuid_well)/DataAssuranceRecord(uuid_data_assurance)
  • Decorator objects may also be referenced directly.
  • eml://eml21/DataAssuranceRecord(uuid)