2.6 GrowingObject Protocol (6)

Topic Version1Published10/31/2016
For StandardETP v1.1

The Growing Object protocol is used to manage the growing parts of data objects that are index-based (i.e., time and depth) but are not appropriate for the Channel Streaming protocol. For WITSML, these objects include:

  • trajectory stations
  • wellbore geology intervals
  • wellbore geometry sections

The messages in this protocol are different from the Store protocol in that each of them is sent in the context of a parent object, and involves sending/receiving one or more XML fragments for the growing part of the object. Throughout this protocol documentation, the term "parent object" is used to refer to the main data object (i.e., trajectory, wellbore geology, etc.) that the list elements are attached to. In all messages, this object is always referenced by its UUID.