4.3 Use Case: Real-Time Streaming from an Aggregating Server to a Display Client

Topic Version1Published10/16/2017
For StandardETPW14 v1

In this use case, a real-time display application that understands WITSML v1.4.1.1 (consumer) wants to get real-time ETP data from an aggregator (producer) to drive displays and data plots. The client is capable of navigating the WITSML data hierarchy using the WITSML v1.4.1.1 Store API.

An ETP consumer populates the required channel URIs into a ChannelDescribe message that it sends to an ETP producer to request a transfer of real-time data. A consumer without any additional information can use a URI of “eml://witsml14” which allows the producer the freedom to send any WITSML v1.4.1.1 information that it desires. The following table provides URIs for key WITSML data objects.

To send information for a specific:

It sends this URI:







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