19.1 Data Model and Technology Overview

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Figure 19.1-1 is a high-level diagram of the set of DAS data objects, which includes definitions of the optical path and the DAS instrument box, and an acquisition data set. Each of these components is explained in more detail in the sections below.

Figure 19.1-1 The basic DAS installed system is composed of an optical path and instrument box which produces the DAS acquisition data.


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For More Information, See:

Optical Path

Fiber Optical Path

Section 14.3 Defining the Optical Path

DAS Instrument Box

DAS Instrument Box

Section 19.2 Defining the Optical Path

DAS Installed System (to represent the path+box pairing)

DAS Acquisition

Section 19.4 Defining the DAS Installed System

DAS Acquisition

DAS Acquisition

Section 19.5 Defining the DAS Acquisition Data (Raw and Processed Data)