19.5.1 High-Level Conceptual Model

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Figure 19.5.1-1 shows the high-level conceptual model for how raw and processed data are related. The orange “Arrays” boxes in the diagram refer to data arrays. In this model, a DAS Acquisition may have multiple raw arrays (0..*) and one processed array set, but the processed array set may have multiple spectra and FBE (0..*) arrays.

There are currently three types of data: raw data and two types of processed data: spectra and FBE.

Each type of data is captured by a set of metadata attributes and two arrays:

  • the “data” array (the values of the measurements across time and across loci for raw and for FBE, and the values of Fourier transformed data across frequencies for the spectra)
  • the “time” array (the sample times, often also referred to as scan times, which are common to all loci).
Figure 19.5.1-1 DAS data can consist of both raw and processed (spectra and FBE) arrays. This figure shows conceptually how different data arrays are related and described. Note that for FBE data, multiple frequency bands share the same FbeDataTime array.