19.8.5 DAS External Dataset Part

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

DAS Raw data recordings are often large in size which requires the recording to be split in parts stored across multiple HDF5 files. In some cases, processed data may also be split in parts. To keep track of the contents of each part, PRODML classes ExternalDataSetPart and its subclass DasExternalDatasetPart are used. Note that even if a data array fits within one HDF5 file, DasExternalDatasetPart must still be used.

ExternalDataSet attributes:

  • Count: the size of the partial array
  • PathInExternalFile: the path to file
  • StartIndex: start index of the time array in the full dataset at which this partial array starts

The following DasExternalDatasetPart attributes describe the start and end times of the partial arrays in human readable format:

  • PartStartTime
  • PartEndTime

Note that DasTimeArray: StartTime and EndTime attributes in the DAS Time Array object always refer to the time span of the full array spanning across multiple files.