Acquisition Timing

Topic Version2Published04/16/2018
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The DASAcquisition data object specifies the following time elements for the acquisition:

  • MeasurementStartTime (string): Specifies the UTC time of the first raw DAS sample in the acquisition.
  • TriggeredMeasurement (Boolean): Flag set to TRUE if the recording is triggered.
  • TriggeredTime (string): Specifies the trigger time at which the trigger was recorded. This time can be used to the first sample of the recording for the triggered event (for example, a microseismic event) in the DAS raw data recorded during the acquisition.

Figure shows how the DAS acquisition time elements link the DAS raw data recording time elements described in the DAS raw times object. The triggered time indicates the start of the “triggered” record in the acquisition.

Figure Link between DAS acquisition time, trigger time, and DAS raw time elements.