22.2.2 Use Case: Define Acquisition Requirements with Customer

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Requirements for a job that a Customer specifies to an acquisition company.

Use Case Name

DAS Project Engineer and Customer agree on the acquisition requirements of the DAS service




Agreed definition of acquisition requirements and final deliverables including reports, data, and media formats.

Summary Description

Define the requirements and scope of the service that the DAS vendor shall provide.

Agree on: ping rates, spatial resolution, spatial sampling, type of DAS data to provide (raw or reduced, e.g. frequency bands), when to acquire data, format and media of deliverables.


DAS Project Engineer, Customer Project Engineer


Request for service


Suitable fiber optic downhole or surface installation compatible with the DAS interrogator unit to be provided.

Primary or Typical Scenario

Customer Project Engineer and DAS Project Engineer agree the requirements of the acquisition.

Alternative Scenarios



Acquisition configuration agreed. The requirements are reflected in the metadata that is transferred with the DAS data. Currently, no requirement exists in the standard to transfer only this data.

Business Rules





See Section 22.1 DAS Terminology .