22.2.3 Use Case: Represent Fiber Optic Installation

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Requirements for a job that a Customer specifies to an acquisition company.

Use Case Name

Customer provides fiber optic installation layout to DAS project engineer and agrees the optical path configuration for the DAS acquisition.




Agree optical path configuration for the DAS acquisition.

Summary Description

In most services the DAS Vendor provides the DAS acquisition instrument and the Customer is responsible for providing the fiber optic cable installation in the field from which the data will be acquired. To properly operate the DAS instrument, the DAS Vendor needs to be informed about the details of the field fiber optic installation and cable properties (path, fiber length, optical connectors, fiber type single or multi-mode fiber etc.).


DAS Project Engineer, Customer Project Engineer




Suitable fiber optic downhole or surface installation compatible with the DAS interrogator unit to be provided.

Primary or Typical Scenario

Customer Project Engineer provides DAS Project Engineer with the configuration of the optical installation to which the DAS acquisition instrument will be connected.

Alternative Scenarios

For some DAS acquisitions the DAS vendor will provides the fibers in the field, for example by providing a flexible rod with integrated fibers that can be spooled into a well.


Fiber optic path understood.

Business Rules





See Section 22.1 DAS Terminology.