22.2.6 Use Case: Post-Process DAS Data

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Use Case Name

Post Process and Deliver DAS Data




Optionally post process the acquired data after acquisition and deliver to customer or customer’s Third Party System.

Summary Description

Post processing may include:

  • Refining the depth calibration (facility mapping)
  • Re-decimation or extraction of different frequency bands
  • Updating or adding meta data


  • DAS Project Engineer


Acquisition complete


Acquisition complete and stored in the PRODML DAS format.

Primary or Typical Scenario

Refining the depth calibration facility mapping based on further analysis.

Re-decimation or extraction of different frequency bands

Updating or adding metadata

Converting acquired data to other industry standard formats such as SEG Y.

Alternative Scenarios



Post Processed DAS data available for transfer using desired delivery media in PRODML DAS format.

Derived formats such as SEGY for vertical seismic profiles may also be produced.

Details of post processing activities should be documented accordingly in the metadata of the delivered data.

Business Rules



For specific DAS acquisition services (e.g., vertical seismic profiles or pipeline monitoring) the client may only be interested in the DAS post processed derived product (e.g., SEGY for VSP or a list of events for pipeline monitoring) and may agree with the DAS service provider to store and retain the field or reduced processed data for an agreed period.


See Section 22.1 DAS Terminology .

Part VI: Other PRODML Data Objects

PRODML has several data objects that for historical reasons have neither been fully documented nor widely adopted. The combination of new PRODML development and resources constraints has left time to provide only an introduction and overview of these data objects. Where available, links to other related resources are provided.

The data objects covered in this section are: