13.3 Scope and Use Cases

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Sample use cases are listed and documented to illustrate the level of coverage of DTS in PRODML and to provide a few examples of how the data model could be used. From these examples it will be easy to extrapolate additional use cases that will apply to more specific situations. The use cases documented below focus on these areas:

  • Describing a physical fiber installation, where we will highlight the different possibilities to accommodate multiple deployment scenarios that have occurred in real life. The option to capture how a physical installation has changed over time is also covered by this data schema.
  • Capturing measurements from DTS instrumentation so they can be transferred from the instrument to other locations and ultimately be stored in a repository. This includes the ‘raw’ measurements obtained by the light box as well as ‘derived’ temperature log curves.
  • Manipulation of DTS-derived temperature log curves (depth adjustments, for example) while maintaining a record of all the changes performed. The PRODML schema supports multiple forms of data manipulation and versioning so that most business workflows surrounding DTS can also be represented.

For detailed explanation of these use cases and related key concepts, see 14 Use Cases and Key Concepts .