14.1.2 Use Case 2: Capture DTS Measurements for Transport and Storage

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The DTS data object clearly differentiates between the ‘raw’ measurements obtained by the instrument box (such as stokes and anti-stokes curves) and the final, derived, temperature value along the fiber that is recorded in the form of a temperature log curve for easier loading into different visualization and analysis tools.

Each measurement set has associated with it the DTS Installation which created it, so that traceability can be assured.

The data schema does not impose requirements as to what measurement curves are required so that each different installation can make use of the appropriate curves. However, the family of curves which can be used is limited to a set agreed by a group of major DTS suppliers. One family of curve names covers both Rayleigh and Brillouin methods of DTS measurement, with absent channels being omitted.

The structure used for representing the measurements was chosen in order to maintain a balance between the size of the resulting XML file and compatibility with current Energistics XML representations and libraries.