14.3.6 Conveyance

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Conveyance refers to the physical means by which fiber is installed in or carried into the facility. The categories of conveyance are listed in the following table:

Category of Conveyance



Applies to permanent installations and contains details, such as fiber clamping or other method of attaching to tubulars. The fiber is encapsulated in a control line. However, it is not pumped down the control line, in contrast with the following method.

Fiber in Control Line

Applies when fiber is pumped into the facility inside a control line (small-diameter tube) and reports:

  • The size and type of control line.
  • Pumping details for operation in which fiber is pumped into control line.


Applies to temporary installations (in a wellbore) and contains details such as the intervention method by which fiber is conveyed into the well (on wireline, coiled tubing, etc.).