14.5.1 Distributed Sensing Installed System Concept

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

NOTE: In this section, the DTS and DAS data models treat the Distributed Sensing Installed System slightly differently:

  • DTS uses an intermediate object called DTS Installed System. This contains pointers (data object references) to the Optical Path and DTS Instrument Box data objects, which comprise the Installed System. Calibrations may also be attached to the Installed System. The DTS Measurement data object points to the DTS Installed System data object that generated the measurement.
  • DAS does not use an intermediate data object; instead, a DAS Acquisition data object points to the Optical Path and DAS Instrument Box data objects that generated the acquired data.
  • In both cases, the important point is: there is a ‘pairing in time’ of an optical path and the instrumentation.
  • For permanent deployments (where the instrument box is fixed and not reused with other optical paths), this pairing in time is permanent.
  • For a drive-by instrument box, an installed system is formed every time one instrument box is temporarily connected to an optical path in order to obtain measurements. As the instrument box is moved from one location to the next, it employs different calibration settings and therefore constitutes a different installation.