8.3 Scope of PVT Data Objects

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Figure 8.3-1 shows a high-level workflow from which a set of functional requirements were developed.

Figure 8.3-1 High-level fluid sample gathering and analysis workflow, which serves as basis for defining requirements for PRODML PVT data objects.

The areas of interest covered by these data objects include:

  • Fluid sample acquisition
  • Sample analysis (i.e., laboratory measurements)
  • Characterization, including both the validation of laboratory measurements and the generation of calculated results

The solid lines show the data movement processes that have been addressed. The goal of these data objects is to provide complete and accurate XML-based machine readable documents that can be transferred between the different parties and software systems that exist today. The need for this capability extends from capturing fluid samples in the field to supplying data to these consumers:

  • Systems of record (e.g., corporate/technical databases, etc.)
  • Interpretation software (e.g., proprietary PVT analysis packages)
  • End-user applications (e.g., nodal analysis, reservoir simulation, etc.)

Out of scope for this release (dashed lines in Figure 8.3-1 ):

  • Sample tracking through material movement systems and storage
  • Water chemistry and geochemical analysis
  • Fluid sampling and analysis for custody transfer
  • Project databases