9.2 Use Case 2: Laboratory Analysis

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

This use case provides requirements for the laboratory fluid analysis program and the resulting experiment measurements, which involves many different participants and detailed, accurate communication.

Figure 9.2-1 shows the components used to define the laboratory analysis program and its measurements. Most of the information for this use case is described using the fluid analysis data object.

Figure 9.2-1 Laboratory analysis use case.

After the fluid samples arrive at the laboratory and based on the business needs identified by the customer and the information gathered during sample acquisition, a matrix of samples and laboratory analyses is usually created. For each sample employed, the chain of custody is updated to detail how much of which sample was used. Executing this plan, these tests are conducted and the resulting measurements are reported. Figure 10.5.1-1 shows the types of laboratory analysis tests that are supported. For a description of these tests, see 10.5.1 Types of Laboratory Analysis Supported .

Laboratory reports may be included as documents within the EPC (Energistics Packaging Convention) package