10.2 Fluid Sample Acquisition Job Object

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The fluid sample acquisition job data object is used to describe the method, equipment, time, place and operating conditions for each fluid sample acquired. The sample acquisition job represents the operation to collect one or more fluid samples. Fluid sample acquisition elements repeat, one per sample acquired, within one job. Fluid sample acquisitions can be made in five types of locations: surface facilities, separators, wellheads, downhole, or directly from the formation by wireline formation tester. Each type of location is defined with specific characteristics so that the important measurements for each type are captured, such as measured depth for downhole samples and the operating conditions for separator samples. Figure 10.2-1 shows the fluid sample acquisition job data object.

Figure 10.2-1 Fluid Sample Acquisition Job Object (some details omitted).

Using data objects defined elsewhere in PRODML, these sample acquisition locations may be linked to the specific points within a facility in addition to identified separators, wells, wellbores, and completions when these objects are known. To allow sample acquisition activities to be defined within the context of other well work, they may be included in the events ledger (Well Construction Management (CM) Ledger) introduced and described in the WITSML completion data object.

An important feature of the sample acquisition job data object is its ability to contain links to external documents (text, word processor or spreadsheet files) as URLs. Using the Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC), these documents may also be packaged into a “zip”-like file for delivery with the data file. This feature is intended to provide mechanisms by which field notes and other relevant documents may be attached to the sample acquisition job data object for later use.