10.5.18 Water Analysis

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

In addition to the pressurized tests described above, a number of standardized lab tests can be performed on water samples. The subset of measurements supported at this time includes formation volume factors, viscosities, and a set of anion/cation concentrations that can be used for scale modeling and for water injection capabilities.

For each of these tests, a “header” is created for the appropriate test within the fluid analysis data object. This record describes the test requested and captures the identifiers and constant parameters needed, such as temperature in an isothermal test. Subsequently, when the test is performed, each test step is recorded as a child record within the “header” record. These test results are communicated in this tabular style to applications and/or data stores using this data. As many tests as needed may be described in one fluid analysis data object. In addition to the conditions and measurements of each test, an attachment mechanism allows for the laboratory to upload a copy of the report.