Hydrocarbon Analysis

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The hydrocarbon analysis example illustrates a number of key features of the fluid analysis:

  1. Reference to fluid sample analyzed
  2. Reference to an external report file
  3. The fluid component catalog
  4. Details of sample contaminants
  5. Details of sample integrity and preparation
  6. Details of the analysis tests themselves.

This high-level content is shown in Figure . Items 3 - 6 on this list are expanded below.

Figure Fluid analysis—hydrocarbon, high-level content.

The fluid component catalog is unique to each fluid analysis object (also to each fluid characterization). The worked example contains a catalog containing all the kinds of fluid component, as listed and shown in Figure . Each analysis test then references items from the fluid catalog to report molar composition, etc. Note that the UID attribute is the means by which a fluid component is referenced from a test. See Figure for an example. The UID only needs to be unique within this data object; it is not a UUID. Hence, any convenient naming convention can be used.

Figure Fluid analysis—fluid component catalog showing various kinds.

Fluid sample integrity and preparation is described in the element of that name, as shown in Figure .

Figure Fluid analysis—sample integrity and preparation.

The use of multiple sample contaminant elements, one of which includes a reference to a sample of the contaminant itself, is shown in Figure . Note that this “sample of contaminant” refers to the water sample which was sub-sampled from Sample 2, becoming Sample 3 (see 11.1.4 Fluid Sample ).

Figure Fluid analysis—sample contaminant, showing reference to a sample of contaminant.

An example analysis test is shown in Figure . This example shows how the fluid components in the catalog are referenced using their UIDs. Each test also has a UID and this can be used to reference the test from elsewhere. This will be used in the fluid characterization to identify the tests that were used in a given characterization.

Figure Fluid analysis—use of fluid components previously defined in fluid component catalog.

As shown in Figure , many tests have a pattern of common data followed by recurring test steps. This example figure shows the constant composition expansion test. In the worked example, the separator tests have multiple test steps, some of which report fluid composition of multiple phases, so combining aspects of the examples detailed here.

Figure Fluid analysis—many tests have a pattern of common data followed by recurring test steps.