4.3 Key Data Types

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The data types required for Simple Product Volume include:

  • Well identification information (name, unique well identifier, owner well number)
  • Composition of hierarchies for reporting (e.g., groups of wells in a field)
  • Total produced volumes of oil, gas, NGL, and water by well
  • Volumes sub-divided by other entities such as formation, string, lease, field
  • Volumes sub-divided by final disposition (sales, fuel, injection, etc.)
  • Reporting of periodic production over different periods (e.g. daily and monthly)
  • Temperatures and pressures
  • Wellhead measured volumes (where applicable)
  • Producing status
  • Hours operated/down with downtime reasons and comments
  • Well tests
  • Parties authorized to access data by well

The data model is described Chapter 5 Simple Product Volume: Data Model and a full worked example showing these data types is described in Chapter 6 Simple Product Volume: Worked Example and included in the downloaded PRODML v2.0 zip file.