5.2.3 Reporting Entities Can Reference “Full” Data Objects

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Optionally, reporting entities can reference a data object containing data about the physical object concerned (see Figure 5.1-1 and the link marked “Optional Ref”). Section 5.2 Describing the Reporting Entities explains how a reporting entity is essentially a “placeholder” for the volume reporting. It contains very little actual data about the entity. However, you can provide a link to another data object that contains more data about an entity; for example, a well reporting entity can link to a well data object in WITSML.

This reference is done using a data object reference, which is a mechanism in the Energistics CTA that can reference any v2.0 data object from any of the Energistics standards (PRODML, WITSML, and RESQML).

For more information on how data object reference works, see 6.2.2 Reference to a WITSML Well Data Object .

For a list of example current Energistics data objects, see the right hand column in the table of Reporting Entity Kinds in Section 7.2 Reporting Entity Kinds .