5.3.1 Fluid Component Catalog

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Fluid components are specified by selecting them from the Fluid Component Catalog, which lets you specify fluid by component types or composition. NOTE: The Fluid Component Catalog is transferred only once per asset production volume data object; all volumes contained within reference the appropriate components from the catalog.

Within an asset production volumes data object, each instance of a quantity refers to one of the members of the Fluid Component Catalog in that same asset production volumes, using the UID for reference.

The fluid components in the catalog include:

  • stock tank oil
  • natural gas
  • formation water
  • pure fluid component
  • plus fluid component
  • pseudo fluid component

The first three are aimed at black oil descriptions and the second three at compositional descriptions; however, the two kinds may be mixed quantities of produced fluid, which can be described in either black oil or compositional terms, or both. The schema shows the attributes of each type of fluid component.

Note that the Fluid Component Catalog and the Fluid Components are contained in the PRODML Common package, and are shared with the PVT data objects, so are compatible with lab analysis reports created using PRODML v2.