6.2.1 XML Objects

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

The set is listed in Figure 6.2.1-1 . The left side of the figure lists the entities by kind and name, and the right side shows a view of the folder containing one XML reporting entity data object per entity. In the worked example, these files can be found in the sub-folder “ReportingEntities”.

Note that this set of data is expected to be transferred only at the start of the reporting relationship. Any new entities (for example, a new well), require that the new XML data object be transferred when needed.

Figure 6.2.1-1 Data objects in the test data set: reporting entities.

Figure 6.2.1-2 shows the details of one reporting entity object. Important to note are:

  • The UUID is used in the other objects (hierarchies, asset production volumes, production well test, well production parameters, transfer and terminal lifting) to identify the reporting entity(ies) concerned (blue box).
  • Title is the element in the Energistics Common Citation class to represent the name (red oval).
  • The kind is the enum of reporting entity kinds (green oval).
Figure 6.2.1-2 Details of the reporting entity object.