26.5 Time Series Statistic Object

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

This data object is a companion to the Time Series Data object. It has the same elements as time series data including the keyword concept, to identify a time series of data. Then, rather than the time series data itself, the time series statistic object has elements to define the minimum and maximum time values, between which the data statistics apply. This is followed by a set of statistical data applying to the time series data, as follows:

  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Sum
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Standard deviation
  • Time at Threshold, which shows the time during which data sits within a range as follows:
  • Threshold minimum (optional): defines lower bound of the range.
  • Threshold maximum (optional): defines upper bound of the range.
  • Duration: the sum of the time over which data was within the range defined above.