1.1.2 Completion and Well Services

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

A joint PRODML-WITSML project during 2012-2013 resulted in a comprehensive completion domain capability. The model comprises data objects for:

  • The well completion equipment itself (assembled into multiple strings, e.g. tubing, casing, etc.); couplings between elements of the completion such as plugs and packers, cement.
  • The connections to the reservoir, by position, by type (perforations, gravel pack, etc.).
  • The time span of each item of equipment and each connection, so that the configuration at any time can be reported.
  • A “ledger” of jobs performed to change the completion equipment, which ties in with the time spans of equipment per the previous list item.

The set of objects does not address in any detail the different kinds of well service or workover “jobs”.

Artificial lift is only dealt with at a skeletal level.

WITSML itself deals with some of the drilling rig type operations.

The capability described has been used in a large commercial setting and by the companies involved, to various degrees.

The scores above reflect this experience and capability.

NOTE: This whole segment, although developed largely under the auspices of PRODML, is now packaged as part of WITSML. For more details, see the WITSML Technical Usage Guide (Chapter 8). Although this document does not refer further to the completion segment of production management, it is vital to know that the level of coverage and maturity described is available in the Energistics portfolio.