29.17 ReportingEntityModel

Topic Version1Published12/09/2016
For StandardPRODML v2.0

Reporting entity model schema for simply product volume reporting.

A reporting entity refers to a physical, organizational or geographic “thing” that production data is reported against. For example: wells, fields, leases, business units, countries or states are reporting entities.

At its basic level, the reporting entity data object is simply a “placeholder” object, which all other simple product volume data objects reference. That is, the object identifies the name or ID of the entity against which production data is being reported, but not much other information about it.

Optionally, you can provide other additional data for a reporting entity, using one or both of these methods:

  • Define hierarchies to give appropriate context. For example, a hierarchy might be: business unit, fields within a BU, wells within a field, and wellbores within a well.
  • Reference a physical data object. For example, a reporting entity that is a well or wellbore can reference a fully defined well or wellbore in WITSML.

For more information about reporting entities, see the PRODML Technical Usage Guide.