1.2.1 Scope for 2.0.1

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

New data objects added have been designed to work with the previously published v2.0 RESQML model. Nothing has changed in the v2.0 model. As such, new v2.0.1 data objects are documented in Chapter 17 Appendix: New Data Objects for v2.0.1 ; they include:

  • Activity model. Its purpose is to capture tasks or actions that occurred to create and edit a subsurface model, and how the activities relate to the data being exchanged.
  • Property series. Makes it possible in RESQML to capture the evolution of property values through time and/or for multiple realizations of values during stochastic processes.
  • Streamlines. In a reservoir engineering context, streamlines are a way to visualize and represent fluid flow. They have many applications; for example, they have been used as a basis for fluid flow simulation, sweep management, well rate optimization, and infill well placement.

A few minor documentation corrections and clarifications have been made to the main body of the document (as noted in the Amendment History on page 3). These edits do not change intended behavior of v2.0; they only clarify the previously published document.