1.4 Resource Set

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

RESQML is a set of XML schemas (XSD files) freely available to download and use from the Energistics website.

To download the latest version of RESQML, go to the download page on the Energistics website at: https://www.energistics.org/download-standards/ .

The download includes all the resources listed in the following table and the table in 1.4.1 Energistics Resource Set . The documentation resources have also been included in Energistics Online.




The RESQML package includes a readme file that details the contents of the download package.


The entire UML data model that developers and architects can explore for better understanding of data objects, definitions, organization, and relationships.

Developed using Enterprise Architecture (EA) modeling software (version 11), the UML model exists as an EA project (EAP) file.

Information about EA, including a free EA Lite reader, is available at the Sparx Systems website, http://www.sparxsystems.com/.

Included in the package when you download the RESQML standard.


The download includes an example EPC file containing a basic RESQML model.

RESQML Business Overview and Use Case Guide

An introduction to RESMQL for domain/petro-technical professionals. Provides:

  • an overview of the business value and domain challenge that RESQML helps to solve.
  • a representative list of supported use cases.

RESQML Technical Usage Guide

Detailed explanation of RESQML key concepts and design intended for software/IT professionals.

See also in download: Separate spreadsheet with spline equations related to Chapter 7 (20131223 RESQML Cubic Splines.xlsx)

RESQML Technical Reference Guide

Lists and defines all packages, data objects, elements, including related business rules. This document also identifies relationships between/among data objects and highlights significant information about relationships (if any). Generated from the RESQML UML model.