1.5 What’s New for RESQML v2.0.1?

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

This latest version of RESQML adds the capabilities listed below to RESQML v2.0 (published in September 2014). Note, the v2.0 model is exactly as published previously; the new data objects have simply been added. As such, the main body of this document is essentially unchanged from 2.0 publication—with the exception of this chapter and some documentation clarifications that do NOT change v2.0 behavior. New objects are documented in Chapter 17 Appendix: New Data Objects for v2.0.1 .

  • Tasks or actions that occurred to create and edit a subsurface model
  • How the activities relate to the data being exchanged.
  • 17.2 Property Series .
  • 17.3 Streamlines . In a reservoir engineering context, streamlines are a way to visualize and represent fluid flow. They have many applications; for example, they have been used as a basis for fluid flow simulation, sweep management, well rate optimization, and infill well placement.