3.4 High-Level Organization

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Table 3.4-1 presents a high-level overview of the current data model and schema package organization. This table shows the main classes of data objects and an example listing of data objects within these classes. The following sections provide an overview of key RESMQL domain concepts, how they map to this organization, and links to detailed chapters.

Table 3.4-1 RESQML High-Level Organization

Classes/Data Objects

Example Data Objects(Schemas are the "official" source for available data objects.)


  • Geologic Features

Boundary Features, Fluid Boundary Features, Genetic Boundary Features, Tectonic Boundary Features, Phase Unit Features, Rock Features, Organization Features, Stratigraphic Unit Features, Geobody Features

  • Technical Features

Frontier Features, Wellbore Features, Seismic Lattice Features, Seismic Line Features, Seismic Lattice Set Features, Seismic Line Set Features

  • Related Objects

Global Chronostratigraphic Column


  • Geologic Interpretations

Feature Interpretations, Horizon Interpretations, Fault Interpretations, Boundary Feature Interpretations, Geobody Boundary Interpretations, Geobody Interpretations, Rock Feature Interpretations, Stratigraphic Unit Interpretations, Earth Model Interpretations, Structural Organization Interpretations, Fluid Organization Interpretations, Stratigraphic Column Interpretations, Stratigraphic Column Rank Interpretations, Stratigraphic Occurrence Interpretations

  • Technical Interpretations

Wellbore Interpretations

  • Related Objects

Stratigraphic Column


  • Geologic Representations

Framework Organization Representations, Sealed Volume Framework Representations, Sealed Surface Framework Representations, Non-Sealed Surface Framework Representations, Plane Set Representations, Point Set Representations, Polyline Representations, Polyline Set Representations, Grid2d Representations, Grid2d Set Representations, Triangulated Set Representations

  • Grid Representations and Related Objects

IJK Grid Representations, Unstructured Column Layer Grid Representations, Unstructured Grid Representations, Truncated IJK Grid Representations, Truncated Unstructured Column Layer Grid Representations, (General Purpose) GPGrid Representations, Grid Connections Representation, Local Grid Set

  • Wellbore Representations and Related Objects

Wellbore Trajectory Representations, Wellbore Frame Representations, Wellbore Frame Marker Representations, Blocked Wellbore Representations, Deviation Survey, MD Datum

  • Seismic Surveys and Seismic Coordinates

Seismic Survey representations take advantage of previously defined representations, with the addition of seismic coordinates to their geometry.

  • Related Objects

Redefined Geometry Representation, Representation Identities, Subrepresentation, Representation Set Representation


  • Abstract Values and Points

Continuous Property, Discrete Property, Categorical Property, Comment Property, Points Property

  • Property Lookup

Double Table Lookup, String Table Lookup

  • Related Objects

Property Types, Time Series, Property Sets, Units of Measure


  • Coordinate Reference Systems

Global 2d CRS, Global 1d CRS, Global Time CRS, Local 3d CRS

  • External EPC Reference

Used to associate a UUID with an object external to the schema so that it may be transferred using the Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC).