4 Common Data Objects

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

For consistency and efficiency, RESQML leverages common data objects from two complementary sets:

  • Energistics Common Technical Architecture (in the UML model: common)
  • RESQML Common Architecture (in the UML model: resqml => v2.0.1 => xsd_schema => Common)

All RESQML data objects inherit from RESQML common, which inherits from the Energistics common. Figure 3.3-1 shows the RESQML UML model and the location of each folder.

Figure 4-1 The RESQL EAP file contains the groupings shown here and explained in the text below.

This chapter gives an overview of the main data objects and capabilities of each group (Energistics common and RESQML Common) and explains how they are used when implementing RESQML. The main areas addressed by these common architectures include:

  • Defining all data objects for consistency, which includes use of universally unique identifiers (UUID) and citation data (metadata).
  • Referencing data objects.
  • Coordinate reference systems.
  • Units of measure.