6.1.2 Representations can be Associated with an Interpretation

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

In RESQML v1.1, gridding information was exchanged at the representation level only. Now, a grid representation (and all the other representations) is associated with the UUID of an interpretation of a geologic feature, so that a user can revisit the last geomodeling process and build a new representation that preserves the interpretation. For example:

  • For structural modeling, the user can use a triangulation to represent a horizon that was previously represented by a 2D grid. After more operations, the user can go back to the original 2D grid representation for precise fitting purposes. He can do this because these two representations are linked to the same interpretation.
  • For reservoir grids, the user can create a new representation by specifying a local refinement of an existing grid after having reduced the number of cells of an existing representation. The stratigraphic column, which is a stratigraphic organization interpretation, attached remains the same. He can do this because the two grid representations are linked to the same interpretation.