Organization Interpretations Set Up

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

With the existing information, we can create one RESQML structural organization feature and two structural organization interpretations (one for Paul and one for Peter). In this example, we will create two earth model interpretation instances (which reference the earth model feature we created above), with each one containing a structural model interpretation:

  • Paul’s earth model interpretation instance contains one (Paul’s) structural organization instance, which contains: Horizon_1_Paul, Horizon_2_Paul, Fault_1_Paul.
  • Peter’s earth model interpretation instance contain one (Peter’s) structural organization instance, which contains: Horizon_1_Peter, Horizon_2_Peter, Fault_1_Peter

A set of contact interpretations based on Paul’s individual boundary interpretation contacts can also be attached to Paul's structural organization interpretation, with corresponding representations.

This is the setup point of the interpretation management.

After this step, these data objects can be stored in an EPC file named EPC_0 and transferred to Software B or can be delivered on request from a Web service mechanism, which can retrieve these different elements using their respective UUIDs.