12.2 Wellbore Organization Overview

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

In WITSML, data objects are organized into a single hierarchy, with the well data object at the top. The well data object is the parent of one or more wellbore data objects (child data object); a wellbore data object can have one or more children, such as logs and trajectories.

In RESQML, the wellbore is the core data object. Because the well data object information is mainly administrative, no reservoir-specific requirements are needed. Thus, for this administrative information, RESQML relies on the WITSML link between a wellbore and its well.

Figure 12.2-1 shows an overview of the wellbore organization, which is based on the RESQML knowledge hierarchy (see 5 Knowledge Hierarchy : Features, Interpretations, Representations , and Properties ). The sections below the figure explain it.

Figure 12.2-1 Main wellbore data object organization based on the RESQML "FIRP" knowledge hierarchy.