12.5 Interpretations and Links to Organizations

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

To provide more detailed interpretation information than just a marker list, it is possible to associate a stratigraphic and fluid organization interpretation to an entire marker frame (Figure 12.5-1). Interval stratigraphic units and cell fluid phase units are used to indicate which stratigraphic or fluid organization is represented and which element of the organization interpretation is associated with each interval of the wellbore frame. When an interval is not represented in the organization, -1 is used. For more information about organizations in RESQML, see 10.3 Organization Representations (Representation Sets and Frameworks) .

NOTE: Interval stratigraphic units does not allow multiple stratigraphic units per segment. For wells, add additional markers (one for each stratigraphic unit limit) and specify NaN for the measured depth that defines these markers' locations.

Figure 12.5-1 A specialized wellbore marker frame representation (blue box) is used to carry marker interpretations along a well. It is also used to link to various types of geologic boundaries (gray boxes) or RESQML stratigraphic and fluid organizations (tan boxes).