17.1.1 Use Cases

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Currently the main focus of the additional activity information is the software user: the goal is to capture human-readable information to provide users with more context to help them make better decisions. (If developers can use the new information for software automation, that use is an added benefit, not the main purpose of the current version.)

Some examples of what the activity model can capture:

  • Information indicating that a horizon surface is the result of an interpretation and then a “fit to well marker” process involving a limited set of wells. It can describe the two activities and the parameters used in this process, including the seismic volume on which the interpretation occurred for the interpretation and wells, and markers used in the “fit”.
  • Information indicating that a reservoir grid property is the result of a geo-statistical simulation involving a limited set of well logs. It can describe the simulation and its input/output, including the well log properties, the simulation type, and numerical parameter values.