17.2.2 Description

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Figure 17.2.2-1 shows the RESQML properties model with the property series.

Figure 17.2.2-1 UML model of properties with property series.

The property series types are used to capture the two additional dimensions while extending property types. Each property type (continuous, discrete, categorical, comment) has its own property series type.

All property series types optionally contain:

  • An array of realization indices which defines the realization dimension. In stochastic simulations, a realization result or a group of results is often associated with one single index, which often reflects their order in the sequence in which they were created. The realization indices are capturing all the indices used to define the realization’s extra axis. In the trivial case—where all results are provided—an integer lattice array can be used.
  • A link to time indices defines the time dimension. The first element of the time indices indicates the number of time entries to consider. If the Boolean flag named “use interval” is true, the actual number is this count minus one. The actual time values are provided by a link to a time series and a starting index.