Energistics Resource Set

Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

The following documents are for use with all Energistics standards, including RESQML. These documents are included in the RESQML download. For easier access, the main documents are also available for direct download from:




Energistics common Technical Reference Guide

(Also available for direct download from above link.)

The Energistics common package contains elements that will be shared by all Energistics standards (e.g., RESQML and other MLs in the future).

This document lists and defines packages, data objects, elements, and relationships for the subset of common published in support of the current version of RESQML.

Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC) Specification

(Also available for direct download from above link.)

Specifies the Energistics Packaging Conventions (EPC), which is the set of practices to store multiple files as a single entity for data transfer; this single entity is referred to as an EPC file (or sometimes an Energistics package). EPC is an implementation of the Open Packaging Conventions (OPC), a container-file technology standard.

Energy Industry Profile of ISO 19115-1 (EIP)

(Also available for direct download from above link.)

An open, non-proprietary exchange standard for metadata used to document information resources, and in particular resources referenced to a geographic location, e.g., geospatial datasets and web services, physical resources with associated location, or mapping, interpretation, and modeling datasets.

It is an ISO Conformance Level 1 profile of the published international standard ISO 19115-1:2014, which is the latest version of the mature conceptual specification ISO 19115:2003.

Energistics Unit of Measure Standard

(Also available for direct download from above link.)

A dictionary, grammar specification, and related documentation, which provide a consistent way to define, exchange, and convert between different units of measure. All Energistics standards (RESQML, WITSML, PRODML, etc.) must use this dictionary; other industry groups are also using it.

Energistics Coordinate Reference System Usage Guide

Status: DRAFT (available soon)

Explains how coordinate reference systems (CRS) work in Energistics data-exchange standards. Based on work and standards from the European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG).