Topic Version1Published09/11/2015
For StandardRESQML v2.0.1

Set or range of one kind of topological element used to define part of a data object; this concept exists for grid and structural data objects.

Subset of a specified kind of indexable element of a representation, associated with a patch index. The patch index is used to define the relative order for the elements. It may also be used to access patches of indexable elements directly for geometry, properties, or relationships.

Patches are used to remove any ambiguity in data ordering among the indexable elements. For example, the triangle indexing of a triangulated set representation consists of multiple triangles, each with a patch index. This index specifies the relative ordering of the triangle patches. Those data objects that inherit a patch index from the abstract class of patches all include the word “Patch” as part of their name, e.g., TrianglePatch.

Table Attributes


Data Type




Local index of the patch, making it unique within the representation.

Derived From: (none)

Derived Classes: Patch1d, GpGridIjkGridPatch, GpGridUnstructuredGridPatch, TruncationCellPatch, SubnodePatch, GpGridUnstructuredColumnLayerGridPatch, SplitNodePatch, PolylineSetPatch, Grid2dPatch

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