1.1.1 How Does WITSML Work?

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

WITSML consists of a set of XML schemas (XSD files) and other standards-based technology that define a set of standard-format data objects that represent the objects and data required and produced for well-related operations. Developers implement the schemas into software packages. Software that has implemented WITSML can read and write the standard format, which effectively allows them to “exchange” data.

Data “exchange” can happen in several ways:

  • Streaming. With the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) many WITSML data objects can be streamed, which may occur to collect data (e.g., to store on a server) or shared between WITSML-enabled software.
  • With ETP, streaming can occur
  • Client-Server. WITSML servers store data that is accessed by WITSML-enabled client applications.
  • Static Transfer. While not the preferred method for the 24/7 pace of drilling and well-related operations, it is possible to simply email someone a WITSML document.