1.4.3 Version 2.0 Design Approach

Topic Version1Published11/11/2016
For StandardWITSML v2.0

The move to a common architecture and harmonization of Energistics’ three flagship standards were the main drivers for the v2.0 redesign. However, the WITSML Special Interest Group (SIG) also recognized that this major change was an opportunity to improve individual object’s design or to remove data objects that were not being used.

For the list of WITSML data objects and summary of changes, see Table 1.4.4-1 .

The basic design approach was:

  • At a minimum, the v1.4.1.1 data objects that were in use were migrated to the v2.0 design.
  • If a working group of SIG members was available to redesign an object, then the SIG worked to do that. For example, some of the objects that had major redesigns include: log, mud log, stim job, and cement job.
  • If the SIG was certain that a data object was not being used, it was deprecated/removed from WITSML.